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Hello, My name is Faith. I suffer from Depression and really bad Anxiety. I also have trouble eating large amounts of food or eating in general. I'm 17 and I'm taken. My boyfriend is named Chase he's 18 and not in high school anymore. I've been growing up with my mom and 2 brothers. George and Ryan (15 and 13) My Dad left after doing large amounts of drugs and beating me when he didn't get his fix. I started cutting during this time. I was 7 I was an innocent child who didn't understand what I had done to deserve this. To deserve any of the pain. I'm just a wreck. My mom is a stressed mess who should have never had kids if she couldn't handle them. I don't have many friends but the ones I do have are always on my side. I dislike my family being brought up or reliving my memories. I want to help everyone with the demons that circle them. I want to save them before they end up like me. I'm a lifeless body who doesn't know how to cope with reality. I'm messed up. Completely Bonkers! I wanna help you through your problems message me. Let's pull you out of the whole before you meet my demons.


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